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I recently had a 4-hour 1:1 session with Myrte, which is the kick-off session of the Identity Journey for successful entrepreneurs. Or well, the session was supposed to last 4 hours but after 3 hours we were done because we had already got to the core and I got a mega insight.

The session was exactly what I needed at that moment and the whole experience was right to the point. I now run a large company with an annual turnover of 600K and I find that I am changing rapidly as a person partly because of this. My business challenges me to keep stepping into a new version of myself in order to also grow to the next level in terms of mindset, satisfaction and turnover.

Recently, I was in such a phase again and was struggling to fully align my business with my current identity again. I didn't know exactly what this should look like, what my identity is now and how to communicate this to the outside world, etc.

From the moment I came to Myrte's house and she had made me a delicious soup to the safety I felt to be completely myself and the good questions she asked to get the right insights.

The Identity Journey was completely tailor-made for me and not only went deep in terms of strategic insights, but Myrte also applies things like channelling and conversation coaching so that you can really get to the heart of the matter within a couple of hours and can immediately translate this into a concept that not only has the potential to be super profitable, but which is also completely in line with your identity so that you get maximum satisfaction and enjoyment out of it and at the same time have a lot of direction and peace.

So I highly recommend that you ever allow yourself such a session - or any other product - with Myrte!
So, working with Myrte has been life-changing for me or it can be said that it has been GameChanging for me.

Before meeting Myrte, I was quite successful in business, I have won awards and in speaking, I was an international best-selling author. But, I felt something was missing in my life and I felt there was like a hole I couldn’t fill up, like an inch I couldn’t scratch. And no matter how much I grew in my business, created more teams and more money, generated more revenue and more money to put into my own life, I still couldn't get the satisfaction I was craving and the system I was craving.

And so having sessions with Myrte really helped to dig deep into truly who I am and why I want to be a GameChanger and why I want to grow my business not just for the money but for something that was bigger than me and what my true passion is.

And since having these sessions with Myrte, she has really helped me get off my own way and she dug deep into what my core purpose is and why I am doing what I am doing. She has been game-changing for me and she has been amazing and I am now really shooting into the core of what I want my business to become.

My team is really excited by it because I am leading from a place of passion enough for them to feel the passion as well and my clients have bought into it as they really love it and it is all because it is coming from a place of my core of what I am really supposed to be doing.

So thank you, Myrte, for all of the help and I am really looking forward to seeing where the journey takes me.
Chloë Bisson (UK)
#1 Best Selling-Author, Multi-Award Winning Speaker & Book- & Media Publishing
Trough a mutual business relationship, I came in contact with Myrte. We immediately connected with each other and I noticed that Myrte empathizes with others. In other words, she's a real people person. She's also sincere, a good listener, trustworthy and knows how to say the right things, plus she's also doing something with it.

And she lets the person opposite her actively think along. I myself have been an entrepreneur for 10 years and initially I came to her because my business was stuck. I thought we would work on that, but instead, she guided me back to my authentic self, showed me my true purpose (and why!) and we are building my new and aligned business concept step by step now.

Because Myrte was able to ask the right questions, she got answers from me that made me realise which direction I should go. And she walks next to me to show me the way.

The way HOW she does this, is truly unique and hard for me to put into words. She uses her energy ánd her knowledge of marketing in a way I've never seen before. The combination gave me more energy, confidence, a clear focus ánd the result I was looking for. Both personal and professional.
I've got to know Myrte through a common business contact. As soon as we discovered we both have a background in building social driven departments and brands within professional football ánd a passion for helping other people, the match was made.

As the first female board member of AFC Ajax as a Manager Partnerships for a foundation for cancer research, Myrte and self work together on making more impact through various ways.

Myrte always has new ideas, strategies, concepts and tips on how I can improve myself as a leader within my organisation and the organisation in the market. Her advice is always authentic, human based and strategised for maximum result.

Her insights on leadership as well as practical advice on actual topics, alway gives you food for thought and tools to implement straight away.
Wendy Nagel
Manager Partnerships KWF and Board member AFC Ajax
During the photo shoot for Myrte's consultancy website ( I immediately felt a connection. When I noticed that I wanted more challenge in my work, I instantly knew that Myrte was the right person for me to help me with this.

My issue was very general, but at our first appointment she immediately surprised me and made me think. Also the Breakthrough Session (also knows as Drawing Table Session) made a lot of things clear and she even came up with my new concept and brand: The Bigger Picture. Full of energy, I immediately started working on my new project where I coach younger photographers to set up their own business.

It's great to see how Myrte got my energy flowing again and that my new project fits in perfectly with the company I already have. The project is a great addition as well as the challenge that I was looking for. If you are looking for someone who not only hears what you say, but also hears and understands the things you are not saying, then Myrte is the right person for you!
I got to know Myrte when I worked at the professional football club PEC Zwolle for the first time, back in 2009. Through working together on various projects she successfully initiated, I have received a lot of appreciation for the way in which Myrte does her work.  

Her unrestrained enthusiasm and dedication combined with her business knowledge means that I still make use of her knowledge and skills.  

In my role as director of the Dutch National Football Association (KNVB), Myrte helped me with various topics related to strategy and personal branding. 

She is very creative in finding practical solutions, she is very professional and able to guide companies, municipalities and/or individuals in the right direction in terms of giving feedback, determining strategy and/or communication tips.
Through Myrte's work for our NGO in Tanzania, she not only strengthened our organisation and clarified our course, but she also coached the teachers, including me.  

Myrte has triggered something in me that I didn't know existed. I grew up in a small, poor community in Tanzania and there was never any attention for personal development. Let alone that we could consciously use it to help, in my case, the next generation. 

She motivated me to find my own voice even more and to make it heard on a larger scale. The fire in me was kindled and for this I will always be grateful to her.  

Former Management NGO and inspirator for Youth in Tanzania

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