Dream Products

DreamBuilder Program

Live happier ánd create more professional impact! 

I guide you through my proven 7 step program (online)
and together we build your DreamBusiness, your DreamOrganization and therefore your DreamLife. 


We like to take you out to go back in. 

A very unique retreat on a luxurieus Catamaran on the beautiful water of Mallorca. Never seen before in this complete form: soul, mind, strategy ánd sailing!


What better way to clear your head and go on an amazing journey, than with the motorcycle? 

Just you, me and our motorcycles. For 1 week we will drive through the beautiful area of North Spain or Mallorca whilst following your tailored coaching program. 


In the comfort of a safe place on Mallorca, you can fully release, reset and reload.  

We will tailor you 1 or 2 week stay with us in this beautiful villa on Mallorca, based on your needs and desires. All B2B programs contain a mix of personal and business development. Check also our special retreats for individuals… 

"I've never ever saw an approach like Myrte's. She is so involved in creating a unique transformational experience for you and somehow, even when she took me out of my comfort zone, all the pieces fall together in a way that works perfect for me!"
Janet Morris
Designer - Minio