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Myrte's Metaphors - Football Stadium

Myrte's Metaphors - Football Stadium

Why occasionally sitting on the stands of your own business, can change your game completely!

Stop going around the playfield in the same circles without reaching your goal!

There is a reason why scouts always sit on the stands while watching new talents: they have a better view of the WHOLE playground/game.

Do the same for your business ones in a while, it will bring you overview, direction and results immediately. Guaranteed!

Create instant breakthroughs in your social business

We all experience(d) times in our social entrepreneurship where we feel overwhelmed or stuck in a certain pattern. Whether this is in regards to your business concepts, your strategies, collaborations, your team if you have one and even in your own beliefs about yourself as the leader of this mission. Just know one thing: this as well, is part of the process of growing your brand and mission. And secondly: there are tools and people to help you when this happens.

In this short (and first!) Myrte’s Metaphor I will share a simple tool with you: I help you to take a seat at the stands of your business. Listen and apply this as many times as needed, it’s a very simple and imaginary tool to instantly get more overview and clarity. For yourself ánd for your team.

Take it up a notch

When you really want to deep dive into this topic, I’m more than happy to help you! You can book a FREE STRATEGY SESSION to start with or perhaps you are ready for a Quick Win Session: Either way, having a coach next to you, is undoubtedly better than to keep dribbling on your own and never reaching that goal.

Let’s go! 



Myrte's Metaphors - Football Stadium

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