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You are already successful in business, but you feel there is more to it.

You are a successful entrepreneur and you want to build not just a business, but an empire. To leave behind a legacy which is an extension of you. To do that, you feel you can take deepening steps in your personal and business identity.

I help you be that authentic leader who fully from alignment, direction and focus, makes the impact you have to make on this world. I introduce you to other, deeper layers of your being, in order to make the world more beautiful from here without losing yourself and just getting closer and closer to yourself.

With the Identity Journey I connect you with yourself, you with your business and your business with the market (again).

Your personal and your business identity come together in a fully fitting and profitable business concept – honed from your current business or a completely new one. As a result, you will start serving the market with a fitting, authentic and successful business concept that you, your team and your customers completely connect with.

The Identity Journey isvaluable for anyone who has already built a successful business or career with a strong social value/purpose/passion.

This can be as a (Business) Coach, Public Speaker, Founder or Director of a social company / national or global mission (or something similar), but also Artists, Authors, Actors and (former) Athletes looking for more depth and next steps.

Watch my video here with my personal experiences that I traveled during my own Identity Journey – or as I also call it: Return to Self.

I take you through how, as a successful entrepreneur in 2020, I completely changed course after losing my disabled sister, unexpected and full-time care for a teenage foster daughter and losing my twins during a miscarriage. I left the Netherlands for a 2-year physical journey back to myself while reshaping my business.

I’ll take you through what I did, how and with what results.

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You've built everything that's there now, yourself from nothing. And yet. there is that little voice asking,
"Is this it now?"

By now I have been working with successful entrepreneurs and leaders for years, and the type of entrepreneur for whom I have created this Identity Journey is someone who has built everything themselves from scratch. Characteristic people who, with nothing more than a feeling of wanting to add something, have started building on and within their company and have already invested a lot of time, energy, money and love in this.

Functionally everything runs well, only instinctively something is often missing with this powerful entrepreneur. You probably recognise this. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but more and more you wonder if “this is it”.

Because suddenly it was there: the increasing positive impact of your contribution, the increasing turnover, the growing (online) reputation, people who

want to interview you and people who think or expect something from you.

And you increasingly ask yourself: am I still loyal to myself?

Am I not saying yes too much to everything and everyone?

Am I not losing– or even already losing –myself because of my own success?

How much of myself am I actually still willing to sacrifice in order to maintain this level of success, and is there no other way?

But whether you started the company yourself or you run it, are loyal or not loyal to yourself anymore, one thing is certain: because of your presence, commitment, passion and expertise, it has grown.

You have become a GameChanger for others.
A serious player in the market and slowly you begin to realize that this may well be the beginning of something much bigger.

Yet this does not deter you. You have always known or felt this. You are here for something big.
You are here to make a serious change in your field.
Miles beyond where you are now.

Only what then? And how do I get there? Is it really possible?
And… Can it be done without paying too high a price in other areas of my life?
You don’t want to do this based on willpower, but rather from love so that it creates a pull effect instead of a push effect.

With your difference, make the difference.

If your life and business still look like this in 5 years, will you be happy/joyful/satisfied with that?

You don’t quite know how to put your finger on it yet, something that can also frustrate you quite a bit from time to time, but you do feel it’s time to take another step. Only you don’t know which one, let alone what that step looks like and where to start.

What you do know is that your current identity no longer matches the growth you have experienced as a person and as an entrepreneur. As a result, you notice that your company, your offer, your concept and strategy no longer (completely) fit. It’s functionally sound, but it lacks something / your dynamic and developed personality.

And you start to notice this more and more.

Despite your professional success, you notice that you are increasingly struggling to connect your personal identity to your current business.

There seem to be new tasks, to-do’s and responsibilities every day that you have to do to keep it running functionally, and it feels more and more, less and less meaningful at this point.

It feels like you are stuck in a self-created machine.
You understand the game and by now you know what works and what doesn’t work.
So you keep doing that same trick over and over again and it gets boring.

But you can't complain can you? After all, you've got it right, don't you? Others dream of the success you already have.

What my clients say...

Tineke Zwart (NL)

High-End Entrepreneur, Speaker & GameChanger

I recently had a 4-hour 1:1 session with Myrte, which is the kick-off session of the Identity Journey for successful entrepreneurs. Or well, the session was supposed to last 4 hours but after 3 hours we were done because we had already got to the core and I got a mega insight.

The session was exactly what I needed at that moment and the whole experience was right to the point.
I now run a large company with an annual turnover of 600K and I find that I am changing rapidly as a person partly because of this. My business challenges me to keep stepping into a new version of myself in order to also grow to the next level in terms of mindset, satisfaction and turnover. Recently, I was in such a phase again and was struggling to fully align my business with my current identity again. I didn’t know exactly what this should look like, what my identity is now and how to communicate this to the outside world, etc.

From the moment I came to Myrte’s house and she had made me a delicious soup to the safety I felt to be completely myself and the good questions she asked to get the right insights.

The Identity Journey was completely tailor-made for me and not only went deep in terms of strategic insights, but Myrte also applies things like channelling and conversation coaching so that you can really get to the heart of the matter within a couple of hours and can immediately translate this into a concept that not only has the potential to be super profitable, but which is also completely in line with your identity so that you get maximum satisfaction and enjoyment out of it and at the same time have a lot of direction and peace.

So I highly recommend that you ever allow yourself such a session – or any other product – with Myrte!


You make good money, you may have won several awards, you have a nice house and you “have everything your heart desires” right?

It is exciting to make yourself vulnerable and say that you are not satisfied (anymore) and need help, because you are that successful entrepreneur who should be able to do it yourself, right?

You think your complaining is misplaced whining and so you push it back into the background.

Just as you increasingly let work go before yourself. Whether this is because you don’t take enough time for yourself or even because you simply don’t process the grief for the loss of loved ones, for example. And everything in between.

You are no longer making yourself a priority.

This increasingly raises a doubt – what am I really doing – and deep inside, a feeling of dissatisfaction and restlessness begins to arise.

You know there is more to it, but how do you get there?

And what does that mean for my current life and business?

How can I improve the existing and discover the new without having to turn everything upside down?

After all, you do want change, but you also want things to continue to flow financially as they do now.

Somewhere deep down inside you still lack a little bit of confidence and capacity to carry yourself.

With your difference, make the difference.

You have committed yourself to your mission and there is not a hair on your head that would think about not fulfilling that mission.

When you choose something, you go for it. Giving up is not in your vocabulary. You choose quality in everything you do and this also applies to the people you gather around you.

But you also always want to improve, make even greater impact and, above all, experience meaning/satisfaction, peace and direction for yourself.

Together we guide you and your following to your new identity. First just you and me. In a safe, fully customized way – consisting of very practical as well as strategic and spiritual tools – I guide you back to the core of who you really are and realign you with what you have to do now to make maximum impact while experiencing happiness and fulfillment.

I make visible and understandable what else there is for you to do beyond what exists.

This creates self-confidence, determination and authenticity.

Then I help you to introduce your following to your deepening identity in a nice way, then slowly say goodbye where necessary or fully engage with your deepening identity – rewriting for a while.

Together we step out of the box of other people’s expectations and into the full power you possess within.

This may sound a bit floaty, but let me ask you this:

How much improvement and enrichment will you be able to experience, both personally and professionally, when your identity is fully aligned? What do you gain as a result?

I believe and see it every day, that throughout our lives we get more and more away from ourselves. Through insecurities, distractions, losses, traumatic experiences and quite frankly also through the delusion of the day.

Again and again, we sacrifice a little piece of ourselves just to keep connecting with what we know. In our relationships, family and friends, at work, in our business and with our business in the marketplace.

Going back to the core of who you really are and understanding this with your head and then accepting it with your heart is going to bring about such a tremendous personal transformation with a huge ripple effect to your business.

When you understand WHY you are who you are, WHY your life path went the way it did, only then can you see, accept and manifest the extent of your real LIFE WORK.

This allows you to live and undertake as it is meant for you and make the impact you KNOW you are here to make.

At peace, in determination, confident and successful.

Your moment is now.

With your difference, make the difference.

You are more than the identity you once assumed and that you now perceive yourself to be.

What my clients say...

Chloë Bisson (UK)

#1 Best Selling-Author, Multi-Award Winning Speaker & Book- & Media Publishing

Working with Myrte has been GameChanging for me.

Before meeting Myrte, I was quite successful in business, winning awards and being an international best-selling author. But I felt there was something missing in my life and I felt there was a hole I couldn’t fill – “an inch I couldn’t scratch.”

And no matter how much I grew in my business, no matter how many more teams and more money I created, I still wasn’t getting the fulfillment I craved and the business concept to match.

The Identity Journey and subsequent sessions with Myrte really helped me to dig deep into who I really am and why I want to be a GameChanger. And also why I want to grow my business, not just for the money but for something bigger than me and what ultimately is my true passion.

Since these sessions with Myrte, she has really helped me “get off my own way” and dug deep into what my purpose is and more importantly why I do what I do. She changed the Game for me and she was great in the whole process. I am only now really focusing on the core of what I want my business to be. It has gained so much clarity, direction and character from working with Myrte.

My team is also really excited about it because I am now leading from a passion that they feel again. Also my clients are “on board” because it comes from the core of what I am really supposed to do and they feel this.

So thank you Myrte for all the help and I am really looking forward to seeing where the journey takes me even further.


You know this is the moment. It feels reversible. You become something you might have laughed at before. Or that you were resistant to. Maybe even was critical of.

And yet you know that this is the step you are taking:
“Moving forward by moving inwards first”.

You are careful in who you let close to you. Careful in who you trust to “carry” you through this issue. Through trial and error you have become wise and you make informed choices for your inner circle.

And rightly so.

An Identity Journey is a personal/intimate and close collaboration that requires connection, trust and perhaps even complete anonymity.

I help you to express your complete identity, to show much more all of who you are. I show you your own completeness.

Your masks may come off.

After your Identity Journey you no longer need to wear masks.
Not as a person, but also in your business, in your marketing and in your offerings, you will be fully who you really are.

With the Identity Journey for High-End Entrepreneurs, I connect you with yourself, you with your company again and your company (again) with the market.

Your personal and your business identity come together in a fully fitting and profitable business concept – honed from your current business or a completely new one. As a result, you are going to serve the market with an appropriate, authentic and successful business concept that you, your team and your customers completely connect with.

The answer to your question, to your need to get closer to yourself, to live and work, lies beyond the existing. Are you coming along?

Hi, my name is Myrte!

I am a GameChanger at heart and I can’t remember doing anything else since I was very young. But the moment my disabled sister passed away in 2017, I got full-time foster care over a teenage girl in 2018 and lost my twins to miscarriage in 2020, it went to a whole new level.

As the founder of GameChangers United for people, businesses and organizations who want to make a positive impact and change to improve the lives of others, I work every day to create a better future.

The essence of my programs is to help GameChangers like you build a solid, sustainable and successful social enterprise without sacrificing themselves. They sometimes say “It takes a village” and that is especially true with a great social mission like yours (and mine).

As Business coach for Impact, my mission is to help fellow GameChangers create more identity, direction and results, for themselves and with (and in) their organization.

I am a serial concept creator with a passion for people’s purpose and for turning this into unique and effective business concepts. I am spiritual/intuitive as well as strategic and results-oriented, because I believe you need both to maximize your impact.

When I was born 36 years ago in a small town in the middle of the Netherlands, I never imagined that I would be working for people all over the world and enabling them to carry out their mission. Entrepreneurship runs in my family, but social entrepreneurship is another business.

When everyone else goes left, I go right. And that’s exactly what produces unique things, not only for myself but also for my clients!

Ever since I can remember, I have been building identities for people and organizations and together I have generated several million in social revenue.

I help my clients in the areas of personal and business development, branding, mindset and strategy. Because if you really want to create the impact you know you have in you, start with yourself and build your business or organization from there. You can read in detail how I shaped that myself in my “personal story” on my website (click this link)).

Having traveled and found GameChangers all over the world (UK, Spain, Paris, Bali) in recent years, I am currently based back in the Netherlands. But always traveling around for events and clients in NL and abroad!


Has already built a successful business or career with a strong social value, purpose and/or passion. This can be as a (Business) Coach, Public Speaker, Founder or Director of a social company / national or global mission (or something similar), but also Artists, Authors, Actors and (former) Athletes looking for more connection, depth and next steps.

Above 100K profit/income per year.

If you have come to here on this page and feel by everything that you need this.


1. A good conversation (60 minutes online):
We engage in conversation you, in the broadest sense of the word. This conversation is designed to get an impression of your life path, your personality and your mission.

Two weeks after this conversation
2. Does the physical Identity Journey take place at my location in The Netherlands or Online This four-hour session is completely designed for you. I prepare each journey with various techniques, from channeling to strategic directions; everything is reflected in this half-day session.

Starting two weeks after this physical journey:
Within a 3-month time frame, have 6 2-hour Strategic and Implementation sessions or 12 1-hour sessions. You choose what suits you best.

For more information about this program, let’s schedule a good conversation and talk further about you, your mission and the investment for the GameChangers GameChangers Identity Journey.

I’m looking forward getting to know you!


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With your difference, make the difference.

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