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Can your company use an energy boost? Is there a new project on the roadmap? Is there a reorganisation coming up? Or is there a new campaign launch on the agenda? I'll bring you the insights, structure and possibilities, so you can fully concentrate on achieving the right objectives. I'm here to help you to get it done.

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You need an extra pair of hands to get the work done. To support yourself and/or your team in taking all your ideas and initiatives from A to B. Fast, efficient, professionally and spot on.

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Hi, my name is Myrte.

When I was 23 (2009), I started my first business and never worked as an employee since. When I started I worked as an marketing- and communication advisor and consultant / interimmer for various clients in the Netherlands.

I’ve worked for small local businesses and the Dutch professional footballclub PEC Zwolle and municipalities, to Mercedes-Benz, BDO, Pepsi Cola and the KNVB (Dutch National Football Association), all on management- and directors level.

I set up departments, developed marketing- and corporate branding strategies and executed them as well. Plus I was always active in linking the people in my network to interesting contacts and business ideas. After a few years I grew more into business-coaching and interim assignments.

Until March 2020, I only worked on board level as an advisor for Strategy and Trusted Advisor for entrepreneurs, CEO’s and leaders. This means I was their go-to-person for all topics related from personal positioning to strategic organizational issues and everything in between. 

Today, I’m using all my experience and knowledge to ONLY work for Impact Players: people and organizations on a social mission to improve the lives of others. 

With 1:1 programs, my own Podcast (GameChangers United on Spotify) ánd as a consultant and interimmer. 

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You and your team don't have to struggle to get the work done anymore. We will get it done together. You need help in one of the following areas or a combination:

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Organisation- and Business Development & Concept Creation

Strategy (corporate, products/services, sales, team etc.)

Marketing (strategy, creative concepts/campaigns)

Execution - Getting it done.

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Whether you need an organisational boost, leadership development or an extra pair of hands to execute: I'm here to help. Organisations and initiatives that I've worked for are:

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In my 13 years working for myself, I’ve guided many social entrepreneurs to the next level. Using my programs, I helped these small and medium enterprises to create significant more social impact, recurring social revenue ánd we built a sustainable and solid business- and organisational model to facilitate their mission. As a result, they had a clear identity, direction and successful revenue model to build further on their future. Client describe my work as creative, authentic, vivid and innovating. 


When the trend of social impact reached the professional football back in 2009 in the Netherlands, I’ve worked for years for multiple professional football clubs and for the director of the National Football Association, creating social value and strategies. Internally, externally and for personal branding purposes. I’ve designed whole social departments, broadcasted national marketing-campaigns, to award winning social business strategies that, upon today, generates multiple 6 figures in recurring social revenue.


As part of my interim work, I’ve guided specific assignments for example in the solar energy and municipalities, where I designed the process of change and innovation. Meaning: helping the existing organisation to grow next level. From internal processes to external marketing- and communication campaigns. As a result they created a significant stronger market position and business model to build further on. 


As part of my interim work, I’ve guided global start-ups with a disruptive character to the next level. These were start-ups in for example tech and healthcare but also start-up hubs where different start-ups were located. As a result they gained a unique brand identity, clear direction and a roadmap for action.

Social work (global)

We are so much better and richer together. As individuals and as organisations. Not everyone has access to the level of knowledge, guidance and funding that we have in our Western world. That’s why I love to do 1-2 social projects every year to help local initiatives to grow their organisation and impact. On location of course! As a result they know how to build a sustainable social business for more identity, direction and results. So they can create (even) more impact!

Speaker (global)

There is nothing more powerful than sharing knowledge, inspiration and energy together. That’s why I love the Speakers part of my business so much! From corporates to conferences; they hire me as a speaker to talk about social entrepreneurship. From the personal side of it, to the strategic part. As a result the audience knows how to build a sustainable social business for more identity, direction and results. So they can create (even) more impact!

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Imagine how much faster you create the organisation and business that you knów you can have? And imagine how much more impact you will make...

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The investment for Consultancy & Interim assignments is tailored, either on project base or on hourly rate. After an intake I will get back to you with a customised proposal.

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Let’s work together on taking your organisation and team to the next level.

The world needs you – Myrte

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