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Interview with Noah Healy

#12 GameChanging Guests: Interview with Noah Healy - a Mathematic GameChanger who is changing the market game by inventing better economic systems

Noah is a born (and based in the US) mathematic who invented a method to break through existing financial structures and narrowing beliefs in the market place from that perspective. Totally out of my comfort zone and that’s why I liked these interviews so much! We talk about the history of financial systems in the world, the impact of that and his method to disrupt and change the game in this industry. And trust me, you will understand it even without a financial background!

Noah refers to himself as a “recreational mathematician,” part of a tradition of thinkers going back centuries interested in thinking about mathematical questions. He studied a wide variety of subjects at the University of Virginia, focusing on engineering and economics, but always anchored by an interest in math. He became interested in applying his curiosity to the problems inherent in current economic markets and proposes that what we need now is a change in the algorithm that forms the basis for our current market economy.

Noah is one of those financial people with a talent to talk and explain. I know, very rare right!

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