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Interview with Nathan Ott

“Can’t we see people through the impact that they make, instead of their diversity”

Nathan Ott is the vision and driving force behind The GC Index: a unique organimetric that measures people’s energy for impact. In their life, in teams, in organisations and/or in business.

Together with Dr. John Mervyn-Smith, Nathan created this powerful, and globally used tool back in 2013. Since then they build a global organisation with more than 5000+ companies using the GC Index through 700 GC partners.

And I’m proud to be one of them 😉
The GC Index changed my life and business for sure! 

Nathan and I talk about what The GC Index is, how the 5 different proclivities were invented and how they help to drive change and innovation within individuals, teams and organisations.

The 5 proclivities that form the GC Index are:

1. GameChanger – Transforms the future
2. Strategist – Maps out the future
3. Implementor – Builds the future
4. Polisher – Makes it brilliant
5. Playmaker – All work together

Have a look at their website where you can find a lot of information as well.

Curious what the GC Index can do for you? Book a call with me and let’s talk it through!

ABOUT THIS PODCAST Being a GameChanger is amazing. And scary sometimes. You are here for change, not to fit in. But it can be lonely. GameChangers United Podcast is an inspiring podcast for people on a mission to bring GameChanging Impact into this world with their “business with a story”.   

Get inspiration, ideas and support from personal stories to interviews with established GameChangers.    

Get Empowered, Inspired ánd United!    

The GameChangers Podcast is founded by Myrte Scheffer, a 100% proven GameChanger according to the GCIndex – a global organimetric that measures the energy people use to create impact.    




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