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Interview met Michael Thornhill

#19 GameChanging Guests: Michael Thornhill (Peru) - Trauma-informed healer/co-founder Casa Galactica - a sacred place in Peru to heal and evolve with Ayahuasca

In this episode we’re taking you all the way to a sacred valley in Peru where Michael and his wife Jamie, run a GameChanging Healing & Evolution Center with Ayahuasca in a Trauma-informed Environment.   

Our interview became an interesting mix of deep diving into the spiritual terms and techniques to make “trauma-informed and multi-dimensional healing” more accessible. It can sounds “far from your bed” but it should be very close since it’s all about getting back to yourself, heal the pains and trauma’s that you still hold inside and therefor became your main driven mechanism.   

Spirituality is often seen as something outside of you, but it’s actually the opposite and should be getting more and more implemented in the world.

You don’t have to meditate the whole day to tap into yourself as the endless source for wisdom and guidance. I use it every day when I go for my daily walk and think consciously about my day ahead for example.   

By healing, you become better. As a person, as a friend/husband and as an entrepreneur.   

We also talk about being a “conscious entrepreneurship”, an example of social entrepreneurship what this podcast is all about: what path did Michael walk before he could start and the successful and impactful “Casa Galactica”, how do they stay true to themselves in their market approach, sales and social media (which they narrowed down to only podcasts!) and most importantly: how do you keep standing firm behind these aligning decisions?  

How do you build a business around your spiritual purpose?  

As in all interviews, we share both our experiences in order to inspire our audience.   

Lastly, we talk about their work in the sacred valley of Peru; what is the Game they want to change, how do you do that and where can you find more information?   

Every guest on the GameChangers United Podcast fills in a selection form to identify if it’s the right fit for the show. Take a look at what Michael wrote; a true GameChanger by nature!  

Background Story
“I’ve ran successful business in renewable energy recruitment, found ayahuasca to overcome addictions, traveled the world, moved to Peru, healed lots of trauma including repressed sexual abuse, got an apprenticeship in the jungle, facilitated ayahuasca retreats, studied in the amazon rainforest, met my wife, created Casa Galactica, are changing the way that people heal with plant medicines in a trauma-informed way. My life is dedicated to helping people heal and evolve whilst being empowered throughout the process.”  

The Game you want to Change
“We are creating safe, trauma-informed spaces for people to heal and evolve with plant medicines. Our ideal clients are dedicated inner-truth seekers who want to heal trauma and evolve spiritually.”  Listen and watch our interview and get inspired!   

Being a GameChanger is amazing. And scary sometimes. You are here for change, not to fit in. But it can be lonely. GameChangers United Podcast is an inspiring podcast for people on a mission to bring GameChanging Impact into this world with their “business with a story”.

Get inspiration, ideas and support from personal stories to interviews with established GameChangers.  

Get Empowered, Inspired ánd United!  

The GameChangers Podcast is founded by Myrte Scheffer, a 100% proven GameChanger according to the GCIndex – a global organimetric that measures the energy people use to create impact. She went on a transformational journey myself in 2020 (listen to the first episode of this podcast “From Tesla to Tanzania”) and it was the best decision ever.   

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