Interview with Loïs Hollis

In this episode I’m interviewing the amazing Loïs Hollis (78!) who is determined to teach us about the Shame Guilt energy and how to get rid of it. Every person fills in a selection form upfront to identify if we are the right fit to do this interview. Her first sentence was so powerful:  “I was dying at 55 and now rollerblading with my grandson at 78.”  
Her life story begins 78 years ago in the States where she experienced a childhood of excessive abuse. At the age of 55 she almost died due to the wide range of consequences because of this abuse.
“My childhood was extremely abusive. I endured head traumas, broken ribs, skull, jaws, and neck that resulted in a Near Death Experience. My life was continued but I had the residue of emotional and physical abuse, 30 years of migraine headache, scoliosis, leaky heart valve, dyslexia and irlen syndrome to name a few.”  
Loïs survived the NDE at 55, married the one doctor who managed to give her back her life (who wouldn’t!) and today she is on a mission to change the game for many people who are stuck in a prison of Shame and Guilt.  
“My legacy is to be the one who exposed the destructive shame guilt influence deliberately placed upon humanity. Individuals can now be naturally empowered because no one is educated or controlled to be a victim.”
Loïs explains what the Shame Guilt energy does, how it is present in even the smallest thoughts we have during the day, why it’s also then very destructive for us and most importantly: how to get rid of it.  
During this interview I’m sharing one of my biggest trauma’s that I had suppressed for 23 years – without consciously knowing I did. But I always felt this Shame Guilt energy around, however, I didn’t know it was this energy. We can carry this with us for so many years and it’s suppressing a to of the power that we posses.  
Today Loïs is helping people all over the world as a Shame Guilt Educator, counsellor and filmmaker.
Listen or watch this GameChanging interview with this extraordinary woman and stay tuned for a follow up in the GameChangers United Community.  
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