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Interview with Leni Cavazos

#14 GameChanging Guests: Leni Cavazos (Mexico) - an high achieving organizer, here to Change the Game in the retreat industry!

In this episode I’m interviewing Leni, a vivid woman with a clear vision: changing the game in the retreat industry. Her story and her desire for high quality are the reason why she is where she is today.

Every guest on the show fills in a selection form to identify if it’s the right fit for the show. Take a look at what Leni wrote; a true GameChanger!

Background Story

My name is Leni Cavazos, I am a planner and curator. From Mexico to the world, my prime specialty is producing hybrid events, private retreats, niche masterclasses, educational conferences, and immersive experiences from head to toe.

Where did it all begin? Actually at the altar! With 18+ years of experience in event creation, planning, and execution, it all started with hosting weddings back in the day. Then I was offered a surprising career opportunity in Dubai with Marriott’s global office, where I was recruited to roll out Marketing campaigns & hospitality conferences across the Middle East and Africa.

After six splendid years in sunny Dubai, I realized that something was missing. I tenaciously sought out the next step along my spiritual path that could also be holistically connected with my business side. Then before I knew it, The Retreat Planner was born and became an agency focused on designing, developing, and executing events within the spiritual realm.

The Game already Changed or wants to Change
I am changing the way people plan their retreats, bringing their full purpose into the planning, from the water they choose to the location where they will host it. I am bringing Intentionality into their lives. My ideal clients are yoga teachers, meditation teachers, life coaches, transformational coaches, healers, or spiritual guides, or if they want to become a professional retreat planner looking to learn how to master, create and execute a retreat.


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