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Interview with Kevin Palmieri

#22 GameChanging Guests - Kevin Palmieri (US) - Changing the Game of self-development

“I had it all and yet I was extremely unhappy”   

In this episode I’m talking to GameChanger Kevin Palmieri, CFO, founder and co-host of Next Level Podcast Solutions.   
Kevin talks about something a lot of us entrepreneurs recognise: functionally everything was fine, but he was also aware of the fact that he knew he wanted to live differently.   

“I was more fulfilled when I was broke”

As many personal entrepreneurial stories, Kevin’s story involves a tremendous pain as well. Growing up without a father, his live was marked already from a young age.  

Although he had many successes personally and professionally, one day, he found himself having suicidal thoughts.

Eventually he turned those around in a powerful Next Level University and set up a foundation that helps children without fathers.   

Today he helps many people to create a better and happier life, to become a better person and partner and all with three key elements: consistency, confidence and overcoming limiting beliefs.   

Listen or watch this inspiring episode and don’t hesitate to reach out to either one of us when you seek support.   


ABOUT THIS PODCAST   Being a GameChanger is amazing. And scary sometimes. You are here for change, not to fit in. But it can be lonely.

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