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Interview with Joe Templin

#16 GameChanging Guests: Joe Templin (US) - Changing the Game of Life by teaching "Everyday Excellence"

In this episode I’m interviewing another amazing GameChanger: Joe Templin. Joe is changing the Game of Life. Fueled by his medical challenges he transformed his illness into a power for others with “Everyday Excellence” – his book about taking small steps every day to get and reach your goals. This way he managed to become an athlete despite his medical conditions. Listen to his inspiring story and valuable tips and tricks to become better. Every single day we have a choice on how we show up in our lives and our business. How do you make the right choices and how can you create a sustainable approach for yourself?

Listen to our interview and get inspired!

Every guest on the show fills in a selection form to identify if it’s the right fit for the show. Take a look at what Joe wrote; a true GameChanger!

Background Story
Human Kaizen expert, ultrarunner, special needs parent, tae kwon do champion and author of the Amazon Kindle #1 New Release “Every Day Excellence”.

The Game already Changed or wants to Change
Game of Life


Being a GameChanger is amazing. And scary sometimes. You are here for change, not to fit in. But it can be lonely. GameChangers United Podcast is an inspiring podcast for people on a mission to bring GameChanging Impact into this world with their “business with a story”. Get inspiration, ideas and support from personal stories to interviews with established GameChangers.

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The GameChangers Podcast is founded by Myrte Scheffer, a 100% proven GameChanger according to the GCIndex – a global organimetric that measures the energy people use to create impact.


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