Interview with Jason Barnard

#15 GameChanging Guests: Jason Barnard - "The BRAND SERP guy" on a mission to Change the Game in the Google industry...

In this episode I’m interviewing Jason Barnard, an experienced GameChanger who throughout his life, had to change his own game a few times as well. We talk about betrayal, how it was to be a digital nomad in the 90’s on Mauritius, being a blue cartoon dog (I know, fascinating right!), climbing back up from personal and professional setbacks, depression and eventually how he is doing what is doing today: helping entrepreneurs to educate Google in a way that will benefit their business and their missions. As with every interview, we both experienced some new insights as well during our talk. Happy to inspire you as well!

Every guest on the show fills in a selection form to identify if it’s the right fit for the show. Take a look at what Jason wrote; a true GameChanger!

Background Story

I was a punk folk musician in the 1990’s and then a cartoon blue dog. Fun. And both amazing learning experiences 🙂

The Game already Changed or wants to Change

I have built a platform and recorded video courses that empower people to educate Google. 


Being a GameChanger is amazing. And scary sometimes. You are here for change, not to fit in. But it can be lonely. GameChangers United Podcast is an inspiring podcast for people on a mission to bring GameChanging Impact into this world with their “business with a story”. Get inspiration, ideas and support from personal stories to interviews with established GameChangers.


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The GameChangers Podcast is founded by Myrte Scheffer, a 100% proven GameChanger according to the GCIndex – a global organimetric that measures the energy people use to create impact.


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