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Interview with Ida Rsi Wisesanatha - a High Priest on Bali...

#13 GameChanging Guests: Ida Rsi Wisesanatha - A Spiritual High Priest GameChanger on Bali who is changing the Game of Life by creating an international mission of Life Management Coaches

And I was on Bali with him for 2 months, can you imagine! Ida Rsi is a high priest on Bali. Actually, only for 5 year officially. Although his journey started long before this (he was 20 when he started, he is 60 now). But before embodying this very specific lifestyle, he was the first Director of Sales for Hilton in Bali-Indonesia. 

His story is so inspiring for everyone who feels like they have a strong calling in life. We all try to live up to that purpose. He embodied it in a way that is really next level. He and his family turned their lives around 5 years ago and started living the life of high priests on Bali.

We talk about his story (of course) as well as the reason WHY he is so determined to do this. As we speak, he recently started building an international community of Life Management Coaches, he is about to publish his first book (Total Happiness Inside), he is the initiator of Eco for Peace Movement on Bali and… he is my spiritual guide as well as a collaboration partner for the Soul Business School we are about to launch.

How we ended up meeting each other and working together? Listen to this episode full of Balinese wisdom and Dutch curiosity.

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