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We are the most GameChanging and inspiring podcast

Being a GameChanger is amazing. And scary sometimes. You are here for change, not to fit in. But it can be lonely. GameChangers United Podcast is an inspiring podcast for people on a mission to bring GameChanging Impact into this world with their “business with a story”. Get inspiration, ideas and support from personal stories to interviews with established GameChangers. Get Empowered, Inspired ánd United!

On this page you wil find all the episodes, the different platforms that we are broadcasted, video interviews with GameChanging Guests and more. Scroll down to see the latest episodes, start listening and Change the Game!

The GameChangers Podcast is founded by Myrte Scheffer, a 100% proven GameChanger according to the GCIndex – a global organimetric that measures the energy people use to create impact.


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GameChangers are everywhere. And so are we. We will make sure that the whole world has access to our content. This way we can inspire and connect as many GameChangers as possible!

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High Quality Social Business & Strategy Content

Personal Entrepreneurial Stories

Motivational Metaphors as fuel for success

Inspiring Interviews with GameChangers worldwide

We always bring you the highest quality content

It’s our goal to inspire, empower and connect GameChangers from all over the world. In all different industries. We want you to be fully equipped for the mission you are on. We deliver everything that you need to make the impact you shóuld make.

Our featured programs

We offer a variety of programs and episodes: from social business content to inspiring metaphors and short motivational episodes to interviews with amazing GameChangers from all over the world. 

A high priest on Bali, an international best selling author/speaker and book publisher from the UK to solo entrepreneurs on various missions. They all have one thing in common: making the world a bit better. 

Myrte's Metaphors & Motivational Content

Every other week another metaphor 🙂

Generation Y GameChangers

With Students From All Over The World

Coming soon!

Starting, scaling and growing a Social Business

With Myrte Scheffer

New content weekly!

GameChanging Guests

With inspiring GameChangers!

Launching new interviews every week!

Why you should listen to our podcast

Unique variety

We interview GameChangers all over the world. Their stories, their businesses, their approach: they are all unique and you get so much value out of this!

Community driven

We believe that we can triple our impact if we work together. This is more than a podcast, it's a Community of Change. You are welcome to join!


The content in Myrte's Business podcasts are based on her 7 pillars for a successful social business. She uses these pillars to build strong identities, brands and businesses with het clients.

Stream through your phone

Listen to the GameChangers United Podcast on those moments when you are alone. During your morning walk, in the car, in the gym. 

We are always just one click away. 

What others say about our podcast

Even as an already successful entrepreneur, this is so inspiring to listen too. It gives a new impuls to take my business to an ever deeper personal level!

Tineke Zwart (NL) Listener

Working with Myrte has been a GameChanger for me. I'm currently setting up my own Podcast in The Netherlands for teachers and schools to help them create a better educational eco system. It's so inspiring to hear the stories of fellow GameChangers, it makes me even more determined in my mission!

Bernadeth Hardlooper-Arends (NL) Listener & Client

Great platform where a lot of special people share their inspiring story! We can always learn so much from each other and I'm happy to contribute.

Ida Rsi Wisesanatha (High Priest Bali) Guest, Collaboration Partner & Listener

I got to know Myrte when I worked at the professional football club PEC Zwolle for the first time, back in 2009. Her unrestrained enthusiasm and dedication combined with her business knowledge means that I still make use of her knowledge and skills. In my role as former director of the Dutch National Football Association (KNVB), Myrte helped me with various topics related to strategy and personal branding. This podcast is the perfect place to pick her brain whilst building your mission!

Art Langeler (NL) Listener & Guest

Working with Myrte has been life- and game-changing for me. Before I met her I already had a very successful speaking business. She changed my game by guiding me to the true reason WHY I do what I do and my whole business, concept, team and results sky rocked because of this. I'm absolutely thrilled with the podcast we made together about storytelling and story sharing!

Chloë Bisson (UK) Listener & Guest

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    Chances are that you have an inspiring story and we love how you are making the world a better place. As a final Go, we kindly request you to fill in the form below as it will help us in effective planning and to know if we are an excellent fit.

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