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Build your (new) Impact Business in an ALIGNED way, for more ideal clients and turnover.

The GameChangers EmPowerment Program is a 1:1 coaching program for (future) social entrepreneurs, that you can start at any time. Register directly via this page or request a good fit call with Myrte. There are TWO MORE SPOTS available this year, make sure you claim your spot.

Have you just started social entrepreneurship (read: from your heart) because you want to help people and make the world a bit more beautiful? Whilst enjoying more financial, professional ánd emotional freedom yourself?

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But right now you feel like

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Decide to go from messing around and (financial) ambiguity to more satisfaction, impact, turnover and freedom and (re)start your HEART company with a BENG.

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I believe that it’s possible for everyone to create professional impact from the heart and to make a good living from it. You just need to know what steps to take.

I don’t believe in a fixed roadmap. I believe in a customised business that fits your identity.

So if you want to make a broad impact, we take that into account when building and we build with that in mind. I call it “Start with the end in mind”. We can’t build a villa on the fundaments of a holiday residency. If you believe your impact goes further than “just around the corner”, we need to work with that and strategise accordingly. 

Because: You are the source for success.

My strength is that I am not only strategically strong but I can also feel energetically what is still holding you back and where you can break through.

I see your bigger picture and I can’t wait to guide you there. 

Now it may all seem very difficult, but in the end social entrepreneurship is just a game with rules. Once you start the game and follow the rules, it is possible for you to build your dream business.

That is why I developed The GameChangers EmPowerment Program. Especially for social entrepreneurs want to grow from local to national or from national to global scale to make (even) more impact. 

In the program I provide you – where necessary together with other top coaches – in 6/9 months with a strong personal foundation and a real professional basis for your company so that you have a plan that works. After these months you can choose for “go-to-market” guidance, where I will guide you step by step to turn your work into reality. 

You’ll learn the exact steps I took to really get to my deepest goal and turn it into a business model that will benefit you and your customers.

Not only in terms of strategy and impact, but also in terms of mindset and personal satisfaction.

It's time to stop playing small and to start creating the real impact...

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Let me ask you this: What will happen if you DON'T do anything now?

It’s time. Your time. You feel that in everything. 

You’ve waited long enough to take the next step. You secretly find it terrifying, but you are ready for the next step. You feel that your dream and your passion to help people is bigger than your fear. 

You have only just started as an entrepreneur or perhaps for a while and you want to make more impact in the lives of others in a personal and authentic way, while getting a better grip on your social business. 

No more messing around, doubting, deliberating and then finding out after 4 months that it is still not what really suits you. 

You now want to do it right for once and you now also realize that you need to invest in certain knowledge in order to achieve more peace of mind and impact. 

You no longer want to do it alone and you want someone next to you to help you step by step. Together with a team of experts – who guide you every step of the way and provide feedback – and let a group of like-minded people make your business soulful, sustainable and successful. 

The challenge with many GameChangers is that we are used to being alone and feel misunderstood.

Accepting help or keep pushing through is the daily choice we have to make. What it’s going to be? 


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You choose: Continue alone OR believe someone who believes more in yourself than you (can) do at this moment? Someone who guides you to and through the process of building a business and most importantly: building your best next version?

About Myrte

I am a GameChanger at heart and can’t remember doing anything else since I was very young. But the moment my disabled sister suddenly passed away in 2017, when I unexpectedly got full-time foster care over a teenage girl in 2018 and lost my twins to a ‘missed miscarriage’ in 2020, it went to a whole new level.

All these losses and life challenges let to a physical, emotional and spiritual journey back to myself in September 2020. I sold everything I had – including my Tesla – and went back to basic. To the core of who I was and how I wanted to run my life and business. The journey is marked by searching, grief, sadness, joy, tears and everything in between. It took me two years and I went from the UK to the whole of Spain, to Tanzania and to Bali. “Return to Self” as I call my Identity Journey is the core of what I already did, but now from a whole new level of conscious and direction: I connect you to yourself, you again to your business and your business (again) to the market.

As a Business coach for Impact, it is my mission to help fellow GameChangers create more identity, direction and results. For themselves ánd with(in) their organisation.
 I do this with 1:1 coaching, exclusive retreats and online events and MasterMinds, with my GameChangers United Podcast and as a speaker across the globe.

When I was born 36 years ago in a small town in the middle of the Netherlands, I never thought I would work for people all over the world and empower them on their mission. Entrepreneurship runs in my family, but social entrepreneurship is a different profession.

If everyone goes left, I go right. And that is precisely what results in unique things, not only for myself but also for my customers!

I therefore decided at a young age to organize my life as freely as possible and started my first company when I was 23. Ever since I can remember, I have been building identities for people and organizations.

I help my clients in the field of personal development, mindset and strategy. Because if you really want to create the impact that you know you have in you, you start with yourself and build on your business or organization from there. You can read in detail how I shaped that myself in my “personal story”.

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Since having these sessions with Myrte, she has really helped me get off my own way and she dug deep into what my core purpose is and why I am doing what I am doing. She has been game-changing for me and she has been amazing and I am now really shooting into the core of what I want my business to become.

My team is really excited by it because I am leading from a place of passion, enough for them to feel the passion as well, and my clients have bought into it as they really love it and it is all because it is coming from a place of my core of what I am really supposed to be doing.

So thank you, Myrte, for all of the help and I am really looking forward to seeing where the journey takes me.

Chloë Bisson (UK)
#1 Best Selling-Author, Multi-Award Winning Speaker & Book- & Media Publishing
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While you are messing around, doubting and perfecting, the people that need you the most are not being helped or might go to your competitor(s).

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How will we work together in the GameChangers EmPowerment Program?

I’m not a Business coach for the mass. I’m one for only SIX 1:1 CLIENTS PER YEAR. 


All my work is known as very comprehensive, fundamental, unique and structured. During my 14 years of entrepreneurship and coaching, I’ve developed different models and programs that I won’t let you stress about here 😉 You can find links to PDF’s on this page with more detailed content of the different models that I use in all my coaching according to the Mix and Match philosophy. 

It’s my job to guide you to your next level and that’s different for everyone. Everything I do, is fully tailored and therefor very intens and personal. You can trust me that I provide you with EVERYTHING you need at that moment. 

When we start working together, I first guide you back to your authentic self, I call this journey “Return to Self”. The results of this are the basis of, and input for the next phase “Design the Pieces”: here I train you to become an even better and bigger Social Entrepreneur with a unique identity, direction, offer, strategy and a personal foundation that you can build on for the rest of your life.

I teach you everything about shaping and shaping your social impact business with which you will conquer a unique position in the market and achieve the impact and inspiration you have in mind every day, together with, and for your customers. The third part “Change the Game” is to expand your impact business and take it to an even larger scale (nationally or globally).

Let me be honest: building a business with a story is a marathon, not a sprint. I’d love to guide you long term and to be able to do that, we will start very clear and simple: with a 3 month “High Impact Coaching”. 

During these months I mix and match everything from the different programs that is needed FOR YOU. After the 3 months we can extend as many times as NEEDED. 

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The session was exactly what I needed at that moment and the whole experience was right to the point. I now run a large company with an annual turnover of 600K and I find that I am changing rapidly as a person partly because of this. My business challenges me to keep stepping into a new version of myself in order to also grow to the next level in terms of mindset, satisfaction and turnover.

Recently, I was in such a phase again and was struggling to fully align my business with my current identity again. I didn't know exactly what this should look like, what my identity is now and how to communicate this to the outside world, etc.

The session was completely tailor-made for me and not only went deep in terms of strategic insights, but Myrte also applies things like channelling and conversation coaching so that you can really get to the heart of the matter within a couple of hours so that you get maximum satisfaction and enjoyment out of it and at the same time have a lot of direction and peace.

So I highly recommend that you ever allow yourself such a session - or any other product - with Myrte!

Tineke Zwart (NL)
High-End Entrepreneur, Speaker & Coach
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After The GameChangers EmPowerment Program

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If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it.

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Let's schedule a call to talk further about the program, if it's the right fit for you and the investment that comes with it.

Yes, I'm going to make it work.

Please fill out the form and we will contact you for the Good Fit Call so we know for sure that this is the best next stap for you! 

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Click here to read the practical information of the Return to Self process.

2. design the pieces

Click here to read the practical information of the Design the Pieces Program.

3. Go to market 

Click here to read the practical information of the Go to Market Program.

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Let’s work together on building a sustainable of successful business around YOU.

Life is too short not to – Myrte

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