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What is DreamBiking

DreamBiking is a unique 1:1 retreat for entrepreneurs, CEO’s and leaders that have a motorcycle passion as well. 

DreamBiking takes places in the beautiful area in the North of Spain or on Mallorca. It’s a 4 day getaway where we get up our motorcycle, enjoy the ride ánd work on your personal and professional development along the way. 

You can either take your own bike or we can rent one for you. 

Why DreamBiking

Driving a motorcycle is more than an activity.
It’s the feeling of freedom, of adventure, of exciting routes, of a community of like minded people. It brings out the real you. 

It’s all the above that makes you re-connect to yourself in a way that only bikers understand. 

A lot of my clients through the years, own a motorcycle (they say your ideal client looks like yourself ;)) and as part of my coaching and mentoring I used this as a tool to grow. It was so effective that I decided to create a special program around it. 

For who...

The thing I love most about us bikers, is that we already have a huge passion in common. We are united by this passion and sharing this unique experience gives a huge boost to all we do. 

However, it’s good to be aware of the fact that we will spend a lot of time together. The DreamBiking program is very intimate, personal, intense and therefore highly effective for those who want to grow.

When you are not afraid to face the road ahead of you with an open mind and an open heart, you will experience a transformational ride of a lifetime! 

Program DreamBiking

Day 1: Friday

Morning – 1:1 session
Afternoon – riding!
Evening – own time

Day 2: Saturday

Morning – check in + riding
Afternoon – 1:1 session
Evening – walk/sports 

Day 3: Sunday 

Morning – visit local town/area
Afternoon – tailored assignment (individual)
Evening – campfire > present and discuss assignment 

Day 4: Monday

Morning – own time
Afternoon – last beautiful route
Evening – dinner or drinks

Together we will find the best suitable date for your DreamBiking adventure. Also, the routes are always tailored based on the weather. 

A biker knows why...

A visual taste...

"Combining two of my biggest passions - my business/organization with riding the motorcycle - was absolutely the best thing I could do to grow personally and professionally. The roads were amazing and the coaching was so tailored and effective, I've never experienced so much result in such a short but special time"
Chris Jones
Travel Blogger

Let’s work together on building your DreamBusiness.

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