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Around Women is a unique gathering of women from all over the world. We meet, connect, share and support each other while enjoying a day of ultimate relaxing on the beautiful location of Casa Rosa

There’s so much more to explore, to share and to connect when we unite our strengths. Around Women wants to bring Women together in a safe, authentic and fulfilling way so we can lift up on each others energy. Through sport, music, food, healing, massage, yoga and even life- and business coaching. 

Just as women, this event is whole. Its build upon the different layers that we as women hold inside of us. From the spiritual goddess to the business women, from the little girl to the mom and best friend. There’s something for all of you. 

Around Women is an initiative of three Dutch female entrepreneurs and coaches on the island: Life Coach Dorien Teunissen, Event Manager Mariska Meijer and Social Business Coach Myrte Scheffer. They decided this year to unite their strengths by organising different kind of connecting events, small and big, all for the purpose of helping people further and to create a community of like minded people to connect, grow and have fun together. Together with an amazing team of partners, this day will be one to never forget.

We’d love for you to join Around Women! 


Mallorca edition...

The FIRST EVER edition of Around Women takes place on: May 7th 2022 
You are more than welcome from 10AM – 18PM on the beautiful location: Casa Rosa in Esporles

We have place for 40 amazing women per edition! Are you one of them?

Morning program

10.00 Welcome with coffee/tea/water/fruit
We love to welcome you into our beautiful place where you will feel relaxed immediately! 

10.30 Sound ceremony by Clara Palau
When we first experienced the power of this ceremony, we were blown away!

11.00 Yoga by Melysa Angelone
The Queen of yoga, that’s all we have to say 🙂

12.00 Relaxation
The thing that we tend to forget so easy during our busy lives. Enjoy the salt water pool, the lounging, walking bare foot on the grass with the sun on your face. It’s the simple things that make the biggest impact on us. 

13.00 Lunch
Enjoy a delicious lunch by Avocado Mallorca, together with your new friends or just by yourself. You can find yourself a place by the beautiful pool, on numerous corners of the house or the garden or even in the surrounding forest. The food is fresh, healthy and one of a kind: just like all of us! 

SMILE…. The whole day the amazing Janet and Pierre from TwoNakedSouls (oehhh lala) will make beautiful pictures and short videos. Are you interested in a private shoot during the day? Maybe for promotion purposes or just to have some beautiful pictures of yourself? Contact us and we will set you up!

Afternoon program

NOTE: We were able to create a collaboration with our partners, that enables EVERYONE TO CHOOSE ONE WORKSHOP OR SESSION INCLUDED IN THE PRICE! 

In the afternoon we offer a variety of EIGHT unique workshops and sessions. You choose the one that fits best for you and your needs right now and we’ll do the rest! We can imagine that you are interested in more of them, but just know that you can always pick another one during the next Around Women and maybe you are lucky on the day itself, because you can purchase extra session when they are not fully booked upfront 😉

14.00 Workshops
0 Padel with Marjorie Fuenmayor (ILP: International Ladies Padel)
0 (IN DUTCH) Make Dream catchers based on visualisation with Dorien (Casa Rosa)
0 Salsa Dancing with 7 times UK champion Mauro Casali! Shake it girl 🙂 
0 Songwriting with professional singer/songwriter Cristina Jones

14.00 Personal sessions
0 Relaxation massage Ruben Sancho Galán, Clara and Melysa (30 min)
0 Foot reflex by Clara Palau (30 min)
0 Business coaching by Myrte Scheffer (2 groups of max. 4 people, 60 minute sessions)
Life Coaching by Dorien Teunissen (30 min)

Clothing sales by Olly Dolly Palma All afternoon (yesss!!!)

17.00 Closing meditation by Dorien
Miss Casa Rosa herself!


Why Around Women

We want to create shared value together. In a holistic, unique ánd fun way!



It’s our first edition and we are very curious to see how the workshops and session will be filled. We hope you understand that for now, we work with “first come, first served” and based on this first experience, we will tailor it even better next time – when needed of course!​

To join us, you only have to do 2 things:
1) Let us know who you are and what workshop or session you prefer 
2) Click on the blue button to pay directly online!

Yes, I would LOVE to join Around Women Mallorca on May 7th 2022!


The women behind Around Women

2 copy

Dorien Teunissen

Owner Casa Rosa & Life coach

“Let your dreams come true”

After I visualized my dream life, this became a reality in 2021! I live and work for 50% on Mallorca in an authentic Spanish finca, where I organize Retreats. I am truly living my dream and it is my mission to retrieve your deepest desires and teach you how to manifest your own dream life!

I am the proud resident of Casa Rosa in Esporles. As an entrepreneur and innovative coach I organize Retreats and Dream Trips on Mallorca. 

I think out of the box and dream big, very big! I know how to break through the coaching question very quickly and bring out the underlying theme immediately. With this we achieve immediate results after 1 conversation such as more peace and clarity, get back to your feelings, get an answer that you have been looking for for a long time and you dare to make certain decisions. You see and feel who you really are, dare to let go, out of confidence that you will grow as a result!

I will support, encourage, motivate and uplift you. I am your cheerleader and will not let go until you have achieved your goal!!!

So do you want to gain insight into your deepest desire? And create your dream life from there? Then I would like to guide you to the place where you were always supposed to be!

Curious upfront? 

Read more about what I do and who I am on

I’m happy to help!

About us - Mariska Meijers

Mariska Meijer

Event Manager & Life coach

“You can álways choose to live your life differently”

Having the choice to give your life a different direction at any time is the ultimate feeling of freedom. I realize very well that this is not given to everyone. The more grateful I am that I allow myself to do so. I’m living my happiest life and for the first time I wish I could stop it. But it continues to flow, thankfully gradually, so that I enjoy every minute of it.

I became a widow at a young age and raised my two daughters, aged 7 and 9 at that time. Despite the feeling of having to ‘survive’ I have always followed my heart and made intuitive choices. With trial and error. But always ahead. They are adults now and lead their own lives. I am proud of them and I find them inspiring. They have become my mirror. I look at them and see myself and them in one. I see how they follow their own path, make choices and I hear my mantras between the lines. I’m glad I was able to reach and inspire them. That’s what I prefer to do. To inspire and encourage people to make choices to live the life that suits them best.

Curious upfront? 

Read more about what I do and who I am on

I’m happy to help!

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Myrte Scheffer

Social Business Coach & Speaker

“If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it”

This is motto in life and business! Ever since I can remember, I’ve been building identities for and with people, entrepreneurs, leaders, CEO’s and organizations. What they had in common: they were all determined to make a positive change and impact from a social perspective. I like to call it: connecting purpose into business and business into purpose. 

The last years I completely transformed my life and business. After losing my multi disabled sister, my business and my twin babies (all within the last 4 years), I decided: enough is enough. 

I want to stop existing and start living. Elevating life and business on my terms. I sold everything in the Netherlands and started building the life and business of my dreams and ended up on Mallorca!

I’d love to meet you at Around Women… When you are a creative and/or conscious entrepreneur looking to monetise your business without sacrificing yourself; sign up for the workshop and get practical tools and tips that you can implement immediately in your business. 

One hint: you already have everything you need! You just need to know HOW to leverage and monetise it. Your value is bigger than you give yourself credit for. 

Curious upfront? 

Read more about what I do and who I am on

I’m happy to help!


Where to find us... we are here to guide you!

The only way we unite, is by getting together. Physically, mentally, emotionally, professionally and/or spiritually. Around Women facilitates this all and we are only just getting started...
Team Around Women
Dorien, Mariska & Myrte

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