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Leverage your purpose, maximize your impact.

You have a dream, a vision to change something. Whether it’s for the planet, for the people or even a combination; I guide you to turn your vision into reality. You are here to make a difference. An impact. And I am here to help you make that happen. 

I see so many impact driven entrepreneurs, CEO’s and leaders dedicating all their energy, time and love, to helping other people. It takes one to know one right!

A lot of my clients work, unconsiously at first, 

"Myrte has shown me that there is no one size fits all, there's one size fits you as she always said. Together with her I now have the business I never knew I wanted, but is the best thing that happened to me. All the pieces come together in a way you can not imagine when you start this transformational experience."
Janet Morris
Designer - Minio

A step by step journey - your road to fulfillment

When was the last time you felt really fulfilled in your life and/or your business or job?

Maybe right now you are starting to notice that your current “functional life” no longer fulfills you. You keep running and running for others and you forget to take care of yourself. Probably you can’t really name it specifically, however you feel/know that something is missing and needs to change.

Let me ask you this: when was the last time you really, consciously took the time to go “inwards” and listen to yourself? To hear you inner voice telling you what you need most right now?

And how many times do you find yourself being thrown back to old, painful events from the past? Preventing you to do what you are really here for?

The first stage of our journey is called “Pain into Purpose”. We go on a deep dive into you as a person. Your past, your pains and your purpose will all come to light during this magical 12 week process.

I use a combination of deep inner, energetic healing and strategic positioning expertise (very important topic in this stage!).

Together we will create life-transforming insights that will create the fundament of all your choices from there. It’s also our first blueprint for your future professional power…

All sessions are online, however, of course there are offline options as well. Ask for the details! 

Let’s work together on building your DreamBusiness.

Life is too short not to. 

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