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Welcome fellow GameChanger. You've come to the right place.

I’m here to help entrepreneurs and directors create maximum positive impact in their field of expertise and in their own life.

Because while you’re changing the Game in your field and taking it to a whole new level, you need someone standing besides you. Someone who sees you a 100x bigger than you see yourself and who guides you, strategically, spiritually and practically, on your business- and life path onwards.

Build a legacy. Change the Game. Live a fulfilled life.


You are on a mission to help others, a mission bigger than yourself. You are here to Change the Game. You are ready to take this to the next level and to build a legacy in the most successful way. And to upgrade your life and business accordingly.

You've come to the right place...

You are a successful entrepreneur or director and you want to build not just a business, but an empire. To leave behind a legacy which is an extension of you. To do that, you feel you can take deepening steps in your personal and professional identity. 

I help you be that authentic leader or that impactful organisation who fully from alignment, direction and focus, makes the impact you have to make on this world.

With my GameChangers United Programs I connect you with yourself, you with your business and your business with the market (again).

Your personal and your business identity come together in a fully fitting and profitable business concept – honed from your current business or a completely new one. As a result, you will start serving the market with a fitting, authentic and successful business concept that you, your team and your customers completely connect with.

The GameChangers United Programs are valuable for anyone who has already built a successful business or career with a strong social value/purpose/passion.

This can be as a (Business) Coach, Public Speaker, Founder or Director of a social company / national or global mission (or something similar), but also Artists, Authors, Actors and (former) Athletes looking for more depth and next steps.

You want to help people and make the world a little more beautiful with a business concept that connects and catches on personally, strategically and operationally.

You are...


You are the (solo) entrepreneur with a social mission (like me) and you have a strong desire to make other people’s lives better. At this point, you may notice that your business needs new ideas, concepts, products and strategies to achieve the growth you envisioned. 

How can you become the best version of yourself and take your professional impact to the next level?

Examples of clients are:

  • A Dutch entrepreneur creating a national platform for teacher support and changing the game in education.
  • A Dutch entrepreneur who is building a platform for siblings who lost a sibling, starting nationally and going global soon.
  • An American entrepreneur living in Bali, who is at the beginning of building a global evolution center for leaders. 
  • Various High-End Female Entrepreneurs working to grow their business from national to global level. 



You are the founder, leader or director of an NGO (non-governmental organisation) or social business with a growing responsibility to continu and expand organisational impact.  

Right now you might notice that your organisation needs new strategies, people and resources to ensure the growth you envisioned. 

How can you design your next steps for organisational growth and what creative solutions will contribute to grow to the next level of impact?

Examples of clients are:

  • An NGO in Tanzania providing free education for children, in need to restructure their organisational- and business model for sustainable growth.
  • A hight priest on Bali who is currently setting up a global, spiritual movement to create more awareness and sustainable and suitable concept, product and strategies around that. 


You are a leader in a national or global organisation who is responsible for organisational development and impact. 

Right now you might notice the need for a Strategic Sparring Partner, (Business or Organization) Coach and/or Mentor. To help you and your MT strengthening your right to exist, increasing leadership, expanding your business, strengthening strategy and increasing impact.

How can you manage your next steps of growth? Both internally and externally and personally and professionally.  

Examples of clients are:

  • Director of the Dutch National Football Association in need for a Strategic- and Trusted Advisor.
  • Founders of various impact organisations in need for organisational- and strategic guidance for growth – names on request.
  • Collaboration with The GC Index ( – more information shortly! 

You built what is now, completely from scratch yourself.

With nothing but a strong sense of wanting to add something, you started building what is there now.

You already put in a lot of love, energy, money and time and you are ready to start deepening and leveraging it even more, both personally and professionally.

But right now you feel like...

Deep down you know, that to really make the breakthrough you are looking for, you need professionals. How much better will it be if you had the right GameChanger around you?

Hi, my name is Myrte!

I am a GameChanger at heart and I can’t remember doing anything else since I was very young. But the moment my disabled sister passed away in 2017, I got full-time foster care over a teenage girl in 2018 and lost my twins to miscarriage in 2020, it went to a whole new level.

As the founder of GameChangers United for people, businesses and organizations who want to make a positive impact and change to improve the lives of others, I work every day to create a better future.

The essence of my programs is to help GameChangers like you build a solid, sustainable and successful social enterprise without sacrificing themselves. They sometimes say “It takes a village” and that is especially true with a great social mission like yours (and mine).

As Business coach for Impact, my mission is to help fellow GameChangers create more identity, direction and results, for themselves and with (and in) their organization.

I am a serial concept creator with a passion for people’s purpose and for turning this into unique and effective business concepts. I am spiritual/intuitive as well as strategic and results-oriented, because I believe you need both to maximize your impact.

When I was born 36 years ago in a small town in the middle of the Netherlands, I never imagined that I would be working for people all over the world and enabling them to carry out their mission. Entrepreneurship runs in my family, but social entrepreneurship is another business.

When everyone else goes left, I go right. And that’s exactly what produces unique things, not only for myself but also for my clients!

Ever since I can remember, I have been building identities for people and organizations and together I have generated several million in social revenue.

I help my clients in the areas of personal and business development, branding, mindset and strategy. Because if you really want to create the impact you know you have in you, start with yourself and build your business or organization from there. You can read in detail how I shaped that myself in my “personal story” on my website (click this link)).

Having traveled and found GameChangers all over the world (UK, Spain, Paris, Bali) in recent years, I am currently based back in the Netherlands. But always traveling around for events and clients in NL and abroad!

While you are busy doubting yourself, postponing or striving to perfection, your (future) clients are in need for your help and waiting for you to take it up a notch.

Let's work together


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Upgrade your life and business in a high end strategy call. An instant BOOST for your clarity, confidence and concept!

The Quick Win Session is a personal 1:1 ZOOM call with me for entrepreneurs and organisations looking looking to grow. You can book within 72 hours after registering. Book directly via this page and schedule your 90 minute Game Changing Call!

One sentence, one word, one piece of advice can change your life and your business. What do you have to lose?

Or better… What do you have to win?


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You are so much more than you are now. I’m here to help entrepreneurs and directors create maximum positive impact in their field of expertise and in their own life.

The GameChangers Identity Journey is a unique tailored 1:1 coaching program for entrepreneurs and organisations on a mission to change the game in their industry. This program is to help you create a clear identity, brand and business for sustainable impact and success. 

believe it’s possible for everyone to create professional impact from the heart and to make a good living from it. You just need to know what steps to take. 


GCU Podcast Logo with community

Change the world in style! Expand your network with fellow, TOP NOTCH GameChangers from all over the globe. 

Glitter. Glamour. GameChangers is a vibrant online event for only 50 GameChangers per event. Together with 2 established GameChangers, we deep dive on topics focused on personal and business growth for you. Together we enjoy MasterClasses and you will immediately implement is pre-selected groups as well. 

FIRST EDITION 23-01-’23 > 10AM -4PM (European time)

Start showing up in the places where you belong: in the GameChangers League.

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What my clients say...

Tineke Zwart (NL)

High-End Entrepreneur, Speaker & GameChanger

I recently had a 4-hour 1:1 session with Myrte, which is the kick-off session of the Identity Journey for successful entrepreneurs. Or well, the session was supposed to last 4 hours but after 3 hours we were done because we had already got to the core and I got a mega insight.

The session was exactly what I needed at that moment and the whole experience was right to the point.
I now run a large company with an annual turnover of 600K and I find that I am changing rapidly as a person partly because of this. My business challenges me to keep stepping into a new version of myself in order to also grow to the next level in terms of mindset, satisfaction and turnover. Recently, I was in such a phase again and was struggling to fully align my business with my current identity again. I didn’t know exactly what this should look like, what my identity is now and how to communicate this to the outside world, etc.

From the moment I came to Myrte’s house and she had made me a delicious soup to the safety I felt to be completely myself and the good questions she asked to get the right insights.

The Identity Journey was completely tailor-made for me and not only went deep in terms of strategic insights, but Myrte also applies things like channelling and conversation coaching so that you can really get to the heart of the matter within a couple of hours and can immediately translate this into a concept that not only has the potential to be super profitable, but which is also completely in line with your identity so that you get maximum satisfaction and enjoyment out of it and at the same time have a lot of direction and peace.

So I highly recommend that you ever allow yourself such a session – or any other product – with Myrte!

What my clients say...

Art Langeler (NL

Former Director Dutch National Football Association (KNVB) & GameChanger

I got to know Myrte when I worked at the professional football club PEC Zwolle for the first time, back in 2009. Through working together on various projects she successfully initiated, I have received a lot of appreciation for the way in which Myrte does her work.

Her unrestrained enthusiasm and dedication combined with her business knowledge means that I still make use of her knowledge and skills

In my role as director of the Dutch National Football Association (KNVB), Myrte helped me with various topics related to strategy and personal branding.

She is very creative in finding practical solutions, she is very professional and able to guide companies, municipalities and/or individuals in the right direction in terms of giving feedback, determining strategy and/or communication tips.  

What my clients say...

Chloë Bisson (UK)

#1 Best Selling-Author, Multi-Award Winning Speaker & Book- & Media Publishing & GameChanger

Working with Myrte has been GameChanging for me.

Before meeting Myrte, I was quite successful in business, winning awards and being an international best-selling author. But I felt there was something missing in my life and I felt there was a hole I couldn’t fill – “an inch I couldn’t scratch.”

And no matter how much I grew in my business, no matter how many more teams and more money I created, I still wasn’t getting the fulfillment I craved and the business concept to match.

The Identity Journey and subsequent sessions with Myrte really helped me to dig deep into who I really am and why I want to be a GameChanger. And also why I want to grow my business, not just for the money but for something bigger than me and what ultimately is my true passion.

Since these sessions with Myrte, she has really helped me “get off my own way” and dug deep into what my purpose is and more importantly why I do what I do. She changed the Game for me and she was great in the whole process. I am only now really focusing on the core of what I want my business to be. It has gained so much clarity, direction and character from working with Myrte.

My team is also really excited about it because I am now leading from a passion that they feel again. Also my clients are “on board” because it comes from the core of what I am really supposed to do and they feel this.

So thank you Myrte for all the help and I am really looking forward to seeing where the journey takes me even further.

Trough a mutual business relationship, I came in contact with Myrte. We immediately connected with each other and I noticed that Myrte empathizes with others. In other words, she's a real people person. She's also sincere, a good listener, trustworthy and knows how to say the right things, plus she's also doing something with it.

And she lets the person opposite her actively think along. I myself have been a successful entrepreneur for 10 years and initially I came to her because my business was stuck. I thought we would work on that, but instead, she guided me back to my authentic self, showed me my true purpose (and why!) and we are building my new and aligned national business concept step by step now.

Because Myrte was able to ask the right questions, she got answers from me that made me realise which direction I should go. And she walks next to me to show me the way.

The way HOW she does this, is truly unique and hard for me to put into words. She uses her energy ánd her knowledge of marketing in a way I've never seen before. The combination gave me more energy, confidence, a clear focus ánd the result I was looking for. Both personal and professional.
I've got to know Myrte through a common business contact. As soon as we discovered we both have a background in building social driven departments and brands within professional football ánd a passion for helping other people, the match was made.

As the first female board member of AFC Ajax as a Manager Partnerships for a foundation for cancer research, Myrte and self work together on making more impact through various ways.

Myrte always has new ideas, strategies, concepts and tips on how I can improve myself as a leader within my organisation and the organisation in the market. Her advice is always authentic, human based and strategised for maximum result.

Her insights on leadership as well as practical advice on actual topics, alway gives you food for thought and tools to implement straight away.
Wendy Nagel (NL)
Manager Partnerships KWF and Board member AFC Ajax
During the photo shoot for Myrte's consultancy website ( I immediately felt a connection. When I noticed that I wanted more challenge in my work, I instantly knew that Myrte was the right person for me to help me with this.

My issue was very general, but at our first appointment she immediately surprised me and made me think. Also the Breakthrough Session (also knows as Drawing Table Session) made a lot of things clear and she even came up with my new concept and brand: The Bigger Picture. Full of energy, I immediately started working on my new project where I coach younger photographers to set up their own business.

It's great to see how Myrte got my energy flowing again and that my new project fits in perfectly with the company I already have. The project is a great addition as well as the challenge that I was looking for. If you are looking for someone who not only hears what you say, but also hears and understands the things you are not saying, then Myrte is the right person for you!

The reason you are who you are and what you do today, is often connected to your past. Let me help you transform yours into an unstoppable power.

Let's make the difference with your difference!

Logo Myrte


“I’ve always assumed that I had to deal with my life as it was. Until I went on a transformational journey. Outside by moving countries, but mostly my journey inwards showed me my true gold within. My purpose and now my power.”

Logo Myrte

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Let’s work together on transforming your purpose into your power.

Life is too short not to – Myrte

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