GameChanging personal and professional journeys & experiences

For impact driven business owners, CEO’s, leaders ánd organizations


A journey of transformation is very personal. You are my source to design a fully tailored experience.


This is for the people who don't like the standard leadership programs. Every journey I design is full of unique and exiting elements (a boat, a bike, a beach...)


The combination of the previous two and my experience and knowledge will transform you from deep inner level to high strategic level.


I help you live happier and create more professional impact. 

A proven 7 step program to build your DreamBusiness, your DreamOrganization and therefore your DreamLife.


We like to take you out to go back in. 

A very unique retreat on a luxurieus Catamaran on the beautiful water of Mallorca. Never seen before in this complete form: soul, mind, strategy ánd sailing!


What better way to clear your head and go on an amazing journey, than with the motorcycle? 

Just you, me and our motorcycles. For 1 week we will drive through the beautiful area of North Spain or Mallorca whilst following your tailored coaching program. 


In the comfort of a safe place on Mallorca, you can fully release, reset and reload.  

We will tailor you 1 or 2 week stay with us in this beautiful villa on Mallorca, based on your needs and desires. All B2B programs contain a mix of personal and business development. Check also our special retreats for individuals… 

It's not one size fits all. It's one size that fits you.

Ask me how I know this… 😉

First of all; welcome on my website! I firmly believe there’s a reason you’re reading this right now. And no, that’s not a sales talk. It’s really my believe – and I can give you many examples that will back this up – that nothing happens without a reason. Do you notice the difference with “everything happens for a reason”? 😉

Well, that’s me. I love to see and bring things in a different perspective. Away from the “crowd-known”, towards your “core-known”. Because that’s where the magic happens. Curious to read more about the journey I went through myself to create my own transformation? Click the button below for more… 

First hand inspiration

I got to know Myrte when I worked at PEC Zwolle. Through working together on various projects she successfully initiated, I have received a lot of appreciation for the way in which Myrte does her work. Her unrestrained enthusiasm and dedication combined with her business knowledge means that I still make use of her knowledge and skills. Myrte is very professional and able to guide companies, municipalities and/or individuals in the right direction in terms of giving feedback, determining strategy and/or communication tips. Link: personal video testimonial on LinkedIn!
Art Langeler
Former Director Dutch National Football Association (KNVB)
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Wendy Nagel
Director NGO & Board member Ajax FC
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Sean Fisher

Let’s work together on building your Dream.

Life, for sure, is too short not to do so – Myrte